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Increase Your REACH and IMPACT with Our Advertising Solutions
We would love to have your business become a Big Screen STAR!!

Today, people are in full control of what they watch. As advertisers, you are constantly battling fragmented audiences, declining reach, and ad-skipping technology. Who’s even watching your ads anymore? That’s where we come in!

Gladstone Cinemas is delivering High Impact advertising and unlike Print or Audible advertising outlets, where your advert may be unheard, overlooked or disposed of the next day, Cinema Advertising impacts relaxed and waiting patrons by captivating them with your on-screen Presentation.
Cinema is the ultimate platform for brands, providing the most powerful medium to impact engaged consumers with audio visual storytelling. The big screen, unrivalled sound quality and darkened auditorium create an immersive environment to watch the best first run content.

The Facts and Figures to Back it Up! Independent research has proved the unique experience and viewing environment of cinema combines to deliver six times the impact and engagement of the same advertising on television. With ad avoidance and multi-tasking redefining how media is consumed, advertisers are facing increasing challenges to connect and engage with consumers. This research demonstrates that cinema has a key role to play in amplifying an advertiser’s screen strategy, delivering engagement, impact and cut-through at a level no other media can match. What it means for advertisers: The research proved that cinema generates:

• 6 times the impact of TV
• 6 times the ad memories of TV
• 6 times the engagement of TV

How the research was done: The research, conducted by Australian Online Research, involving campaigns breaking concurrently on cinema and TV. Respondents had an opportunity to see the advertising on either Cinema or TV. Measured proven recall amongst people with an opportunity to see the ad on either cinema or TV. Include cinema in your screen strategy and super charge your campaigns today! (Source:

The Gladstone Cinemas ever-improving facility, entertains a few hundred thousands moviegoers each year and our social media presence and online analytics are among the best/highest in the region.

Promotional video is a powerful marketing tool for business owners. It grabs attention, engages with customers and improves rankings in search engines. However, the video production process can be complicated, time consuming and expensive. Gladstone Cinemas can offer support and assistance with these initiatives meaning that we can extend our services to include: General Admission Big Screens, Adults Only and Luxury Big Screen, Public Thoroughfare Foyer Big Screen, TVs and PosterBoards throughout Facilities, In-Foyer Product Sampling, Custom Popcorn Boxes and Cups, Cinema Stunts (FLASHMOB etc), Video Business Card, Static, Animated, Photos, Social Media BOOSTING & Email Marketing.



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